6 July 2018 Laboratory performance evaluation of the mid-infrared camera and spectrograph MIMIZUKU for the TAO 6.5-m telescope
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The Mid-Infrared Multi-field Imager for gaZing at the UnKnown Universe (MIMIZUKU) is a mid-infrared camera and spectrograph developed as a first-generation instrument on the University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory (TAO) 6.5-m telescope. MIMIZUKU covers a wide wavelength range from 2 to 38 μm and has a unique optical device called Field Stacker which realizes accurate calibration of variable atmospheric transmittance with a few percent accuracy. By utilizing these capabilities, MIMIZUKU realizes mid-infrared long-term monitoring, which has not been challenged well. MIMIZUKU has three optical channels, called NIR, MIR-S, and MIR-L, to realize the wide wavelength coverage. The MIR-S channel, which covers 6.8–26 μm, has been completed by now. We are planning to perform engineering observations with this channel at the Subaru telescope before the completion of the TAO 6.5-m telescope. In this paper, we report the results of the laboratory tests to evaluate the optical and detector performances of the MIR-S channel. As a result, we confirmed a pixel scale of 0.12 arcsec/pix and a vignetting- free field of view of 2./0 1./8. The instrument throughputs for imaging modes are measured to be 20–30%. Those for N - and Q -band spectroscopy modes are 17 and 5%, respectively. As for the detector performance, we derived the quantum efficiency to be 40–50% in the mid-infrared wavelength region and measured the readout noise to be 3000–6000 electrons, which are larger than the spec value. It was found that this large readout noise degrades the sensitivity of MIMIZUKU by a factor of two.
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