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16 July 2018 The planetary systems imager: 2-5 micron channel
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We summarize the red channel (2-5 micron) of the Planetary Systems Imager (PSI), a proposed second-generation instrument for the TMT. Cold exoplanets emit the majority of their light in the thermal infrared, which means these exoplanets can be detected at a more modest contrast than at other wavelengths. PSI-Red will be able to detect and characterize a wide variety of exoplanets, including radial-velocity planets on wide orbits, accreting protoplanets in nearby star-forming regions, and reflected-light planets around the nearest stars. PSI-Red will feature an imager, a low-resolution lenslet integral field spectrograph, a medium-resolution lenslet+slicer integral field spectrograph, and a fiber-fed high-resolution spectrograph.
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