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10 July 2018 Control modeling of the fast-steering secondary mirror for GMT
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The Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) will feature two Gregorian secondary mirrors, an adaptive secondary mirror (ASM) and a fast-steering secondary mirror (FSM). The FSM has an effective diameter of 3.2 m and consists of seven 1.1 m diameter circular segments, which are conjugated 1:1 to the seven 8.4m segments of the primary. Each FSM segment contains a tip-tilt capability for fast guiding to attenuate telescope wind shake and mount control jitter. This tiptilt capability thus enhances performance of the telescope in the seeing limited observation mode. The tip-tilt motion of the mirror is produced by three piezo actuators. In this paper we present a simulation model of the tip-tilt system which focuses on the piezo-actuators. The model includes hysteresis effects in the piezo elements and the position feedback control loop.
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Christoph Dribusch, Myung K. Cho, Youra Jun, Jieun Ryu, Gary Poczulp, Ming Liang, Sungho Lee, Jeong-Yeol Han, Ueejeong Jeong, Sanghyuk Kim, Bong-Kon Moon, Chang-Hee Kim, Yunjong Kim, Chan Park, Byeong-Gon Park, Il-Kwon Moon, Chanhee Lee, Wongi Lee, Ho-Sang Kim, Paul Gardner, Robert Bernier, Frank Groark, and Hugo Chiquito "Control modeling of the fast-steering secondary mirror for GMT", Proc. SPIE 10705, Modeling, Systems Engineering, and Project Management for Astronomy VIII, 107050Z (10 July 2018);

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