9 July 2018 Design and development of a polarization modulator unit based on a continuous rotating half-wave plate for LiteBIRD
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We present our design and development of a polarization modulator unit (PMU) for LiteBIRD space mission. LiteBIRD is a next generation cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization satellite to measure the primordial B-mode. The science goal of LiteBIRD is to measure the tensor-to-scalar ratio with the sensitivity of δr < 10-3. The baseline design of LiteBIRD is to employ the PMU based on a continuous rotating half-wave plate (HWP) at a telescope aperture with a diameter of 400 mm. It is an essential for LiteBIRD to achieve the science goal because it significantly reduces detector noise and systematic uncertainties. The LiteBIRD PMU consists of a multi-layered sapphire as a broadband achromatic HWP and a mechanism to continuously rotate it at 88 rpm. The whole system is maintained at below 10K to minimize the thermal emission from the HWP. In this paper, we discuss the current development status of the broadband achromatic HWP and the cryogenic rotation mechanism.
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Yuki Sakurai, Yuki Sakurai, Tomotake Matsumura, Tomotake Matsumura, Nobuhiko Katayama, Nobuhiko Katayama, Hiroaki Imada, Hiroaki Imada, Kunimoto Komatsu, Kunimoto Komatsu, Hiroaki Kanai, Hiroaki Kanai, Ryota Takaku, Ryota Takaku, Shinya Sugiyama, Shinya Sugiyama, Tommaso Ghigna, Tommaso Ghigna, Teruhito Iida, Teruhito Iida, Hajime Sugai, Hajime Sugai, Hiroyuki Ohsaki, Hiroyuki Ohsaki, Yutaka Terao, Yutaka Terao, Toshiki Shimomura, Toshiki Shimomura, Kuniaki Konishi, Kuniaki Konishi, Haruyuki Sakurai, Haruyuki Sakurai, Junji Yumoyo, Junji Yumoyo, Muneyoshi Maki, Muneyoshi Maki, Junichi Suzuki, Junichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Ishino, Hirokazu Ishino, Shogo Nakamura, Shogo Nakamura, Akito Kusaka, Akito Kusaka, Charles Hill, Charles Hill, Masashi Hazumi, Masashi Hazumi, Hirokazu Kataza, Hirokazu Kataza, Shin Utsunomiya, Shin Utsunomiya, Ryo Yamamoto, Ryo Yamamoto, Makoto Tashiro, Makoto Tashiro, Yukikatsu Terada, Yukikatsu Terada, "Design and development of a polarization modulator unit based on a continuous rotating half-wave plate for LiteBIRD", Proc. SPIE 10708, Millimeter, Submillimeter, and Far-Infrared Detectors and Instrumentation for Astronomy IX, 107080E (9 July 2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2312391; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2312391

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