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18 September 2018 ACS/TIRVIM: Calibration and first results
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Atmospheric Chemistry Suite (ACS) is a part of Russian contribution to ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) ESA-Roscosmos mission. ACS includes three separate infrared spectrometers (MIR, NIR and TIRVIM) with a different spectral coverage and targeted to the different science goals. ACS TIRVIM is a Fourier-transform spectrometer based on 2-inch double pendulum interferometer. It operates in the spectral range of 1.7-7 μm with the best spectral resolution 0.13 cm-1 for solar occultation (SO) mode and 0.8 cm-1 for nadir mode. In nadir mode TIRVIM is purposed to thermal sounding of the Martian atmosphere and aerosol properties retrieval. In SO mode TIRVIM is dedicated to trace gases measurements complementing to ACS MIR. After successful launch of ExoMars TGO on 16 April 2016 there were three time slots for turning on science instruments during cruise phase to execute necessary checks and calibration measurements. In March 2018 the nominal science orbit was reached after cruise and aerobraking phases. The first results of TIRVIM data processing show high performance of the instrument.
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