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5 October 2018 Terahertz spectroscopy of immersion optical clearing agents: DMSO, PG, EG, PEG
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Application of terahertz (THz) spectroscopy for biological tissues is strongly limited by the extremely low penetration depth due to THz absorption by tissue water. One of the possible solution of such problem is the usage of THz wave penetration-enhancing agents (PEA) for optical clearing of tissues. In the present paper, the transmission-mode THz spectroscopy of a set of PEAs (polyethylene glycol with different molecular weight, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, and dimethyl sulfoxide) was performed in order to reconstruct their dielectric properties and compare them with that of water. The obtained results emphasize the feasibility of using PEG to enhance the depth of THz wave penetration into tissues.
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Guzel R. Musina, Irina N. Dolganova, Kirill M. Malakhov, Arseniy A. Gavdush, Nikita V. Chernomyrdin, Daria K. Tuchina, Gennady A. Komandin, Sergey V. Chuchupal, Olga P. Cherkasova, Kirill I. Zaytsev, and Valery V. Tuchin "Terahertz spectroscopy of immersion optical clearing agents: DMSO, PG, EG, PEG", Proc. SPIE 10800, Millimetre Wave and Terahertz Sensors and Technology XI, 108000F (5 October 2018);

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