PHOTOMASK JAPAN 2018 | 18-20 APRIL 2018
Photomask Japan 2018: XXV Symposium on Photomask and Next-Generation Lithography Mask Technology
Editor(s): Kiwamu Takehisa
18-20 April 2018
Yokohama, Japan
Proc. SPIE 10807, Progress in nanoimprint wafer and mask systems for high volume semiconductor manufacturing, 1080702 (12 June 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10807, Improved particle control for high volume semiconductor manufacturing for nanoimprint lithography, 1080704 (12 June 2018);
FPD Photomasks
Proc. SPIE 10807, Shin-Etsu super-high-flat substrate for FPD panel photomask, 1080705 (12 June 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10807, New half-tone lithography uses for FPD proximity printing, 1080706 (12 June 2018);
Writing and Metrology
Proc. SPIE 10807, Multi-beam mask writer MBM-1000, 1080707 (12 June 2018);
Process and Repair
Proc. SPIE 10807, Update on the performance of photomask repair and clean with DUV femtosecond laser processes, 1080709 (12 June 2018);
EDA and Lithography
Proc. SPIE 10807, Demonstration of an effective mask proximity correction for advanced photomask, 108070A (12 June 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10807, Novel thermoplastic SOC materials for planarization use in multilayer lithography process, 108070B (12 June 2018);
EUV Masks I
Proc. SPIE 10807, eBeam initiative surveys report greatly increased confidence in EUV and mask process correction requirements, 108070C (12 June 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10807, Minimizing "Tone Reversal" during 19x nm mask inspection, 108070D (12 June 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10807, EUV capping layer integrity, 108070E (12 June 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10807, Fabrication of Ta based absorber EUV mask with SRAF, 108070F (12 June 2018);
EUV Masks II
Proc. SPIE 10807, Blank defect coverage budget for 16nm half-pitch single EUV exposure, 108070H (12 June 2018);
EUV Masks IV
Proc. SPIE 10807, Development of closed-type EUV pellicle, 108070I (12 June 2018);
Poster Session: Mask Technologies
Proc. SPIE 10807, Advanced ceramic protective lifetime prolong for particle control, 108070J (12 June 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10807, Intra-field mask-to-mask overlay, separating the mask writing from the dynamic pellicle contribution , 108070K (12 June 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10807, Enabling accurate and cost-effective registration metrology on EUVL masks, 108070M (12 June 2018);
Proc. SPIE 10807, EUV mask with advanced hybrid black border suppressing EUV and DUV OOB light reflection, 108070N (12 June 2018);
Poster Session: Mask/Lithography Related Technologies in Academia
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