Optical Methods for Tumor Treatment and Detection: Mechanisms and Techniques in Photodynamic Therapy XXVIII
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2-7 February 2019
San Francisco, California, United States
Photodynamic Therapy I
Proc. SPIE 10860, Photodynamic therapy and paraptosis: an update, 1086002 (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2506325
Proc. SPIE 10860, Does PDT have a special niche as an affordable technology? (Conference Presentation), 1086003 (4 March 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2515350
Photodynamic Therapy II
Proc. SPIE 10860, Targeting drug-resistant glioblastoma stem cells using photodynamic therapy (Conference Presentation), 1086004 (7 March 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2510962
Proc. SPIE 10860, Overcoming chemoresistance using tumor mitochondria-targeted photodynamic therapy, 1086006 (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2508085
Photodynamic Therapy III
Proc. SPIE 10860, Comparison of finite element modeling and Monte Carlo simulations for interstitial photodynamic therapy (Conference Presentation), 1086008 (4 March 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2510458
Proc. SPIE 10860, Nuclear targeted x-ray activated photodynamic therapy: a solution to treat pancreatic cancer (Conference Presentation), 1086009 (4 March 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2508957
Photodynamic Therapy IV
Proc. SPIE 10860, Combining Raman spectroscopy and photodynamic therapy for optical cancer theranostics (Conference Presentation), 108600A (4 March 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2507892
Proc. SPIE 10860, Tolerating uncertainty: photodynamic therapy planning with optical property variation , 108600B (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2508580
Proc. SPIE 10860, Fluorescence imaging of photosensitizers in biological tissues for photodynamic diagnosis during interstitial photodynamic therapy, 108600C (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2508155
Proc. SPIE 10860, Validation of tissue optical properties measurement using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS), 108600D (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2513558
Proc. SPIE 10860, Analysis of cumulative surface dose based on Cherenkov imaging of Total Skin Electron Therapy (TSET), 108600E (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2513186
Photodynamic Therapy VI
Proc. SPIE 10860, PDT photo activation irradiance monitoring during a Phase I clinical study of TLD1433 in bladder cancer (Conference Presentation), 108600I (7 March 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2510888
Proc. SPIE 10860, Methylene blue photodynamic therapy for treatment of deep tissue abscess cavities (Conference Presentation), 108600J (4 March 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2506177
Photodynamic Therapy VII
Proc. SPIE 10860, Painless versus conventional photodynamic therapy for treatment of actinic keratosis: comparison of cell death and immune response in a murine model, 108600K (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2511646
Proc. SPIE 10860, Personalized strategies for delivering photo therapies to solid tumors with theranostic nanoparticles (Conference Presentation), 108600L (4 March 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2513587
Proc. SPIE 10860, Controlled drug release from a X-ray triggered liposomal delivery platform for colorectal cancer treatment (Conference Presentation), 108600M (4 March 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2506321
Proc. SPIE 10860, Validation of Dosie combined Monte Carlo and photokinetic simulations for the analysis of HPPH-mediated photodynamic therapy on mice, 108600N (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2510686
Photodynamic Therapy VIII
Proc. SPIE 10860, A 2D imaging dosimeter for photodynamic therapy, 108600O (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2508993
Proc. SPIE 10860, Modifying pancreatic tumor stroma with angiotensin II receptor blockers to improve verteporfin delivery , 108600P (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2508796
Proc. SPIE 10860, Modeling PpIX-effective fluence rate in tissue for multiple light sources used in photodynamic therapy of skin (Conference Presentation), 108600Q (4 March 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2510162
Proc. SPIE 10860, Smartphone-based fluorescence imager for PpIX-based PDT treatment planning: System design and initial results, 108600R (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2510403
Poster Session
Proc. SPIE 10860, Assembly of a PDT device with a near-infrared fluorescence monitoring of PpIX during treatment, 108600T (28 February 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2507344
Proc. SPIE 10860, Reactive oxygen species explicit dosimetry to predict tumor growth for BPD-mediated vascular photodynamic therapy, 108600V (12 March 2019); doi: 10.1117/12.2508803
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