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4 March 2019 Hyperspectral spatial frequency domain imaging (HS-SFDI) for monitoring rapid changes in tumor oxygenation (Conference Presentation)
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Oxygen plays a role in many aspects of tumor biology such as metastasis, drug resistance, and angiogenesis. Chaotic vasculature and cell signaling can lead to segments of the tumor that are oxygen-rich while neighboring regions can be severely hypoxic. Previous work has shown that this spatial variation is a dynamic process, but the precise spatio-temporal evolution is poorly understood. Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) is an emerging technique for measuring wide-field maps of absolute concentrations of tissue chromophores. Here we present an SFDI device capable of acquiring hyperspectral (~10 wavelengths) SFDI images at relatively high speeds (0.1 Hz). A Quartz Tungsten Halogen lamp source is used as the input to a Czerny-Turner monochromator. Instead of an exit slit, a digital micromirror device (DMD) is used to select any wavelength within the range of the DMD. The monochromatic beam is directed onto a second DMD which spatially modulates the light incident on the sample. This system is highly flexible and allows for rapid selection and projection of any wavelength from 500-1800 nm. We verified the accuracy and precision of the instrument on a series of tissue mimicking optical phantoms, and collected what we believe to be the first wide-field, time-resolved measurement of the spatio-temporal dynamics of a xenograft breast tumor in a mouse model in vivo. These measurements will further our understanding of tumor oxygen dynamics for use in developing more effective drug treatment schedules, and discovery of novel drug targets.
Conference Presentation
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Matthew Applegate, Samuel Spink, and Darren Roblyer "Hyperspectral spatial frequency domain imaging (HS-SFDI) for monitoring rapid changes in tumor oxygenation (Conference Presentation)", Proc. SPIE 10874, Optical Tomography and Spectroscopy of Tissue XIII, 108740Q (4 March 2019);

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