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7 March 2019 Laser operation of Nd3+-doped silicates (Gd,Y)2SiO5, (Lu,Y)2SiO5 and Lu2SiO5 at ~1.36 μm
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Monoclinic rare-earth silicates, RE2SiO5, are the promising hosts for Nd3+ doping. We have studied Nd:(Gd,Y)2SiO5, Nd:(Lu,Y)2SiO5 and Nd:Lu2SiO5 crystals for their suitability for ~1.3 μm (4F3/24I13/2) lasers. The absorption and stimulated-emission cross-section spectra were determined. The continuous-wave laser operation was studied in a compact plano-plano cavity. A b-cut Nd:(Gd,Y)2SiO5 crystal generated up to 0.75 W of linearly polarized emission at 1360.7 nm with a slope efficiency η of 16.9%. For the same crystal operated at the 4F3/24I11/2 transition, the output power reached 3.84 W at 1077.4 nm with η = 54.5% with a threshold of only 80 mW.
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Xuzhao Zhang, Pavel Loiko, Josep Maria Serres, Xavier Mateos, Magdalena Aguiló, Francesc Díaz, Uwe Griebner, Valentin Petrov, Xinguang Xu, Zhengping Wang, Jun Xu, Xiaodong Xu, and Arkady Major "Laser operation of Nd3+-doped silicates (Gd,Y)2SiO5, (Lu,Y)2SiO5 and Lu2SiO5 at ~1.36 μm", Proc. SPIE 10896, Solid State Lasers XXVIII: Technology and Devices, 108961T (7 March 2019);

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