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13 March 2019 Implantation of beryllium into thin unintentionally doped layers of gallium nitride crystallized by halide vapor phase epitaxy (Conference Presentation)
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HVPE can be used for growing thin, up to 200 µm, GaN layers of high purity and low free carrier concentration. Deposition of such material on conductive n-type GaN seeds results in a structure which is the basis of some vertically operating electronic devices. It should be stressed that thickness of this GaN with low free carrier concentration influences the breakdown voltage of the devices. Therefore, HVPE becomes the main epitaxial technology for crystallizing such layers. The method allows to crystalize GaN with a relatively high growth rate of about 100 µm/h. It makes this technology crucial for preparing transistor structures with breakdown voltage higher than a few or several kV. The main goal of this paper is to investigate implantation of beryllium (Be) acceptors into thin (10-100 µm) unintentionally doped layers of GaN crystallized by HVPE on native seeds. A nitride structure comprising of an n-type layer of low free carrier concentration with implanted regions with p-type conductivity or semi-insulating and a highly conductive n-type substrate will be obtained. Basic parameters of HVPE-GaN growth processes (reagent flows, growth temperature) as well as parameters of ion implantation will be determined. Post-implantation damage, which occurs in implanted layers, will be removed by high-temperature (1400-1480°C) annealing at high nitrogen pressure (1 GPa). Basic structural, optical, and electrical parameters of implanted and annealed GaN will be investigated. The samples will be characterized prior to and after ion implantation.
Conference Presentation
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Michal Bockowski, Michal Fijalkowski, Tomasz Sochacki, Mikolaj Amilusik, Boleslaw Lucznik, Malgorzata Iwinska, Aneta Sidor, Grzegorz Kamler, Marek Oklej, Rafal Jakiela, and Adam Barcz "Implantation of beryllium into thin unintentionally doped layers of gallium nitride crystallized by halide vapor phase epitaxy (Conference Presentation)", Proc. SPIE 10918, Gallium Nitride Materials and Devices XIV, 1091805 (13 March 2019);


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