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16 August 2019 Sub 10nm patterning using DNA origami (Conference Presentation)
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Patterning surface with structural DNA origami mask presents a major interest for nanolithography due to its modularity and high ability to achieve a high resolution with 3-5 nm. In this paper, we demonstrate a sub-ten-nanometer lithography process using anhydrous HF vapor into a SiO2 substrate (figure 1). After optimizing rinsing conditions on SiO2 substrate and HF etching process, we reach a high density (<20 nm pitch) and high resolution (~10 nm CD) patterned surface with a fast etching rate of 0.2 nm.s-1. The resulting SiO2 patterns are used as hard mask in HBr/O2 plasma of Si substrate. Origami pattern features are conserved: lateral dimensions, morphology and structure. For the first time, we developed a high resolution (~10 nm) and high contrast (~65 nm) transfer of patterns into Si substrate. We will highlight the challenges brought by this new technology and demonstrate the feasibility to control this patterning technique. AFM technique has been previously tested to confirm the pattern fidelity. Using all the available imaging capabilities on the CDSEM, we will establish the best method for each layer to achieve the precision required for the targeted nodes of this technology. Beyond the resolution capabilities, the precise placement of the DNA pattern on the substrate is investigated. Based on a pre-patterning step using the nanoimprint technology, the affinity of the DNA with respect to the substrate is locally modified and its influence is analyzed. Thus, DNA origami appears like a promising approach for emerging and engineering of hard mask for patterning.
Conference Presentation
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Raluca Tiron, Marie Marmiesse, Guillaume Thomas, Hubert Teyssedre, and Xavier Baillin "Sub 10nm patterning using DNA origami (Conference Presentation)", Proc. SPIE 10958, Novel Patterning Technologies for Semiconductors, MEMS/NEMS, and MOEMS 2019, 1095810 (16 August 2019);

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