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23 April 2019 Holographic optical element for monitoring the small change of an object's dimensions
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This paper reports on utilization of a single holographic/diffraction optical element (HOE/HDE) recorded in a photopolymer-based holographic material for monitoring the change of linear dimensions of an object which is in direct contact with the formed HOE. The holographic optical element – transmission grating, is produced by recording of interference pattern generated by two collimated beams from Argon ion laser operated at wavelength 514 nm into a thin photopolymer holographic film. The size of a grating spacing Λ was proposed with respect to range of the investigated deformations in order to be able to observe an effect of external mechanical stress on the grating. The proper experimental conditions for recording of the proposed transmission grating at selected wavelength were determined, first. This was done via recording of several quasi-harmonic phase diffraction gratings at different exposures and comparing their diffraction efficiencies. The chosen grating was then firmly attached to a transparent test specimen made of polycarbonate which was subjected to mechanical stress. The change of the specimen’s dimension was monitored, and at the same time the grating was illuminated by a probing beam from a laser diode module (639 nm) and the displacement of the first diffraction order was recorded. The dependence of the position of the diffraction order, i.e. spatial displacement as function of strain ε provides information on change of grating spacing Λ which is required for analyzing possibilities of utilization of the holographic material for sensor applications.
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N. Tarjányi and D. Káčik "Holographic optical element for monitoring the small change of an object's dimensions", Proc. SPIE 11030, Holography: Advances and Modern Trends VI, 1103018 (23 April 2019);

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