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26 April 2019 Passively Q-switched Er,La:SrF2-CaF2 laser at 2.74 μm
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The free-running and passive Q-switched laser properties of Er,La:SrF2-CaF2 crystal, that is appropriate for generation at 2.74 μm, are presented. The sample of Er,La:SrF2-CaF2 (composition 4 wt.% of ErF3, 12 wt.% of LaF3, 77 wt.% of CaF2, and 7 wt.% of SrF2, thickness 8.2 mm) had plan-parallel polished faces without anti-reflection coatings. The excitation of Er,La:SrF2-CaF2 was carried out by a 975 nm laser diode radiation in pulsed (pulse duration 1 ms, repetition rate 10 Hz) and CW mode. Laser resonator was hemispherical, 10 mm or 45 mm in length with flat pumping mirror (HR @ 2.7 μm) and spherical output coupler (r = 50 mm, R = 97.5 % or R = 95 % @ 2.5 - 2.8 μm). For CW mode of operation of Er,La:SrF2-CaF2 the highest obtained slope efficiency was 20.2 %. The maximum output power 0.35 W was achieved in this case. With semiconductor saturable absorber (SESAM) in laser resonator the shortest pulse duration of 33.4 ns with repetition rate 50 kHz was obtained. The maximal pulse energy 5.4 μJ with peak power 122 W was reached for 44.2 ns pulse duration. Since the emitted laser wavelength 2.74 μm is relatively close to absorption peak of water located at 3 μm, one of the Er,La:SrF2-CaF2 laser possible usage should be in medicine and spectroscopy.
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Richard Švejkar, Jan Šulc, Helena Jelínková, Maxim E. Doroshenko, Vasily A. Konyushkin, Andrei N. Nakladov, and Vjatcheslav V. Osiko "Passively Q-switched Er,La:SrF2-CaF2 laser at 2.74 μm", Proc. SPIE 11033, High-Power, High-Energy, and High-Intensity Laser Technology IV, 110330F (26 April 2019);


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