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10 September 2019 Chiral and topological Hall effects (Conference Presentation)
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Apart from classical and anomalous Hall effects, an appearance of transverse current in chiral systems has been recently discovered named as topological Hall effect (THE) as it was thought to be possible solely for topologically charged spin textures such as magnetic skyrmions. In this talk we focus on asymmetric electron scattering on chiral spin textures and tunnel transport across a semiconductor interface with account for exchange and spin-orbit interactions. We distinguish between chiral Hall effect (CHE) which requires local chirality of an effective magnetic field and the THE which requires also a non-zero topological charge. THE emerges in adiabatic regime of scattering, which can be described via geometrical Berry phase. With semi-classical approach we clarify why the spin Hall current in this case is proportional to the topological charge of a spin texture and does not depend on its size. For non-adiabatic regime we expand the scattering T-matrix in Born series and show that the scattering cross section acquires an asymmetric part, which depends on the local chirality of the spin texture leading to CHE independently of the topological charge. The analysis allowed us to clarify the reason for the spin Hall effect to vanish in this regime while preserving the charge Hall effect. We have also found theoretically the spin swapping effect for the exchange scattering on chiral spin textures. Further, with the T-matrix analysis we explain the asymmetry in the tunneling across a semiconductor interface emerging due to chiral configuration of exchange and spin-orbit fields leading to generation of transverse current.
Conference Presentation
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Igor Rozhansky, Konstantin Denisov, Maria Lifshits, Nikita Averkiev, Erkki Lahderanta, Henri Jaffrès, and Henri-Jean Drouhin "Chiral and topological Hall effects (Conference Presentation)", Proc. SPIE 11090, Spintronics XII, 110901S (10 September 2019);

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