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9 September 2019 The VenSpec suite on the ESA EnVision mission to Venus
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The VenSpec instrument suite is part of the payload for the ESA M5 mission proposal EnVision which is currently in a competitive Phase A study. VenSpec consists of three channels: VenSpec-M, VenSpec-H and VenSpec-U. VenSpec-M will provide near-global compositional data on rock types, weathering, and crustal evolution by mapping the Venus surface in five atmospheric windows. VenSpec-H will be dedicated to extremely high-resolution atmospheric measurements. The main objective of the VenSpec-H instrument is to detect and quantify SO2, H2O and HDO in the lower atmosphere, to enable characterization of volcanic plumes and other sources of gas exchange with the surface of Venus, complementing VenSAR and VenSpecM surface and SRS subsurface observations. VenSpec-U will monitor sulphured minor species (mainly SO and SO2) and the as yet unknown UV absorber in Venusian upper clouds and just above. In combination, VenSpec will provide unprecedented insights into the current state of Venus and its past evolution. VenSpec will perform a comprehensive search for volcanic activity by targeting atmospheric signatures, thermal signatures and compositional signatures, as well as a global map of surface composition.
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J. Helbert, A. C. Vandaele, E. Marcq, S. Robert, C. Ryan, G. Guignan, Y. Rosas-Ortiz, E. Neefs, I. R. Thomas, G. Arnold, G. Peter, T. Widemann, and L. Lara "The VenSpec suite on the ESA EnVision mission to Venus", Proc. SPIE 11128, Infrared Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XXVII, 1112804 (9 September 2019);

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