20 September 1989 On The Adaptive Control Of A Phased Array Telescope
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The phased array telescopes have been an active area of research at the US Air Force Weapons Laboratory over the years. Its function is to synthesize a single aperture from separate optical systems combined and properly controlled to form a synthetic aperture. When the aperture is synthesised electronic control is needed to position optical mirrors at closed loop frequency of greater than 1kHz. The system considered is a 14th order and includes an optical path difference adjuster (OPDA), a high voltage amplifier (HVA), a compensator and a digital position monitor (DPM) which itself includes an 8th order digital filter. The system disturbances such as wind and deterioration of components would often lead to changes in the plant parameters which would not normally by tractable by a constant gain controller. Therefore, a new control philosophy which can cope with plant's unmodeled dynamics is employed for continuous maintenance of the telescope's performance. For this purpose, adaptive control has been applied to continuously change the gains of a controller. This control philosophy is known as model-referenced adaptive control which is based on an "ideal" behavior of the system called "reference" model. Then through an iterative mechanism, called adaptation algorithm, the gains of the controller is adjusted. This paper describes a software and hardware implementation of a model-reference adaptive control for the phased-array telescope. Simulation results are presented using MATRIXx package on a VAX 11/780 computer. Theoretical development and experimental results of this new control approach for a telescope systems will be given here.
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M. Jamshidi, M. Jamshidi, J. A. Meinhardt, J. A. Meinhardt, R. A. Carreras, R. A. Carreras, M. G. Baciak, M. G. Baciak, "On The Adaptive Control Of A Phased Array Telescope", Proc. SPIE 1114, Active Telescope Systems, (20 September 1989); doi: 10.1117/12.960840; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.960840

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