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19 November 2019 A method of Fourier ptychography based on variable aperture scanning
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By iteratively stitching together the series of low-resolution (LR) images captured by either various small-aperture illuminations or angle-varied illuminations, the Fourier ptychography (FP) can recover large space-bandwidth- product (SBP) and high-resolution (HR) object images. The FP has been considered to be promising in various computational imaging fields. However, the illumination-based FP is limited by strict requirements of the objects which must be thin and satisfy the one-to-one mapping relationship in the Fourier plane, and the aperture-scanning Fourier ptychography is also limited by the long-time scanning and stable scanning mechanical structures requirements even though it can achieve super-resolution macroscopic imaging. Furthermore, the position and shape of the scanning aperture must be accurately modeled for the reconstruction, otherwise false object images may be output. Herein, based on the 4-f optical correlator structure, we proposed a novel method, termed variable-aperture Fourier ptychography, for reconstructing HR images from series of LR images. The numerical simulations illustrated that the variable-aperture Fourier ptychography can use a small number of LR images to reconstruct the object images, The experiments demonstrated that a high-quality object image with better resolution and contrast than other schemes, include direct imaging based on 4-f system and aperture scanning FP, can be obtained by our method. Two additional experiments proved that it is almost unaffected by the position and shape of the apertures.
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Wusheng Tang, Yanfang Guo, Wenjun Yi, Junli Qi, Meicheng Fu, Mengjun Zhu, Jinghan Pan, Xiaochun Wang, Jubo Zhu, and Xiujian Li "A method of Fourier ptychography based on variable aperture scanning", Proc. SPIE 11186, Advanced Optical Imaging Technologies II, 1118614 (19 November 2019);

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