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19 November 2019 Influence of spatial power spectrum pattern gray-level distortion on coherent diffraction imaging reconstruction
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With a piece of far-field diffraction image, the purpose of reconstruction an object can be achieved by the Coherent Diffraction Imaging (CDI) method under some certain conditions. Practically, the far-field diffraction images captured by the optical system are not always matched well with the phase retrieval algorithms, which frequently leads to lower resolution of the reconstructed object image. However, we find that the gray distortion of the power spectrum has a great impact on the object reconstruction, and even a good phase retrieve algorithm can not reconstruct the object. Based on experiment and simulation results, we find that the spatial power spectrum pattern gray-level distortion has much influence on the CDI reconstruction, and the acquired pattern distortion rate should be less than 0.1. When the gray-level distortion is less than 0.1, clear object can be reconstructed in fewer iterations. The reconstruction algorithm is fault-tolerant to the distortion of power spectrum. The convergence speed of the algorithm can be accelerated through giving an upper bound of gray-level distortion. This result provides a reference for other researches in CDI to avoid the convergence stagnation caused by the distortion of spatial power spectrum collected by experiments.
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Yanfang Guo, Wusheng Tang, Junli Qi, Wenjun Yi, Mengzhu Li, Mengjun Zhu, Xiaofeng Wang, Jubo Zhu, Xiujian Li, and Wei Wang "Influence of spatial power spectrum pattern gray-level distortion on coherent diffraction imaging reconstruction", Proc. SPIE 11186, Advanced Optical Imaging Technologies II, 1118615 (19 November 2019);

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