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21 February 2020 High-speed super-multiplex organelle imaging
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Among various optical methods, fluorescence imaging has been the most widely exploited thanks to its superior sensitivity and specificity, but the resolvable colors are restricted to 2-5 colors because of the intrinsically broad and featureless spectra. Recently, this fluorescent “color barrier” was broken and super-multiplex optical imaging became possible taking advantage of well-designed Raman probes. However, the acquisition of the super-multiplex images is still relatively slow which impedes wider applications. Here, we demonstrate fast super-multiplex organelle imaging with high-speed color switching and acquisition, which accelerates the imaging speed by 2 orders of magnitude. We applied it in imaging cytometry, tracing mitosis and fast organelle motions in live cells. We anticipate that high-speed supermultiplex optical imaging can expand to a much wider field of biological researches.
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Jingwen Shou, Fanghao Hu, Robert Oda, Wei Min, and Yasuyuki Ozeki "High-speed super-multiplex organelle imaging", Proc. SPIE 11252, Advanced Chemical Microscopy for Life Science and Translational Medicine, 112521C (21 February 2020);

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