21 February 2020 Multi-watt continuous-wave and passively Q-switched Tm:CaYAlO4 micro-lasers
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Tetragonal calcium rare-earth aluminates, CaLnAlO4, combine a structural disorder with good thermo-mechanical properties. We report on efficient continuous-wave (CW) and passively Q-switched (PQS) ~2-μm laser operation of a 4 at.% Tm:CaYAlO4 crystal using a compact (6-mm-long) plane-parallel cavity. The pump source was a 791 nm fibercoupled AlGaAs laser diode. The CW output power reached 5.78 W at ~1970 nm with a slope efficiency of 43.6% and a linear laser polarization. Stable PQS operation was achieved using a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) based transmission-type saturable absorber. The PQS laser generated 2.15 W at ~1945 nm, a record-high average output power for this type of lasers. The best pulse characteristics (energy/duration) were 9.1 μJ/165 ns at a repetition rate of 235 kHz.
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Mengting Chen, Pavel Loiko, Fangxin Yue, Venkatesan Jambunathan, Antonio Lucianetti, Tomas Mocek, Josep Maria Serres, Magdalena Aguiló, Francesc Díaz, Tae Gwan Park, Ji Eun Bae, Fabian Rotermund, Xiaodong Xu, Jun Xu, Shibo Dai, Zhenqiang Chen, Uwe Griebner, Valentin Petrov, Xavier Mateos , and A. Major "Multi-watt continuous-wave and passively Q-switched Tm:CaYAlO4 micro-lasers", Proc. SPIE 11259, Solid State Lasers XXIX: Technology and Devices, 1125927 (21 February 2020); Logo
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Continuous wave operation

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