2 March 2020 Thin film lithium niobate optical modulators for THz frequency applications
Seyfollah Toroghi, John Rollinson, Mona Hella, Ingrid Wilke, Payam Rabiei
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Thin film lithium niobate optical modulators allow modulation of optical signals up to several THz due to perfect phase matching between RF signal and optical signal that can be achieved using thin film devices. The platform uses a ridge waveguide fabricated by direct etching of lithium niobate thin film fabricated on silicon substrates. The lithium niobate thin film has been developed and optimized in our facility. Transmission spectrum of fabricated micro-ring resonators on this platform shows a linewidth of approximately 7 pm corresponding to a Q value of 2.2×105 and an optical waveguide loss of 2 dB/cm. A coupling loss of -5 dB per coupler is obtained using grating couplers. Measured fiber to fiber insertion loss of the device is -10 dB. The measured 3-dB optical bandwidth of the fiber to fiber optical coupler is 45 nm. A Mach-Zehnder modulator consisting of two MMIs and 6 mm long arms were designed and fabricated on X-cut thin film of lithium niobate. Measured Vπ of the device is 7.5 V at low frequencies (i.e. 10KHz) for a device with 7 μm gap between the electrodes. The measured half-wave voltage-length product, Vπ.L, is equal to ~4.5 High speed measurement results of the device response are presented. A THz electric field of 10kV/mHz0.5 is detected with a low dynamic range OSA and it is estimated that a THz electric field with a strength as low as ~100V/mHz0.5 is detectable by modulating the optical signal using these modulators.
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Seyfollah Toroghi, John Rollinson, Mona Hella, Ingrid Wilke, and Payam Rabiei "Thin film lithium niobate optical modulators for THz frequency applications", Proc. SPIE 11279, Terahertz, RF, Millimeter, and Submillimeter-Wave Technology and Applications XIII, 112791R (2 March 2020);
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