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16 March 2020 Ring-arrayed forward-viewing ultrasound imaging system: a feasibility study
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Current standard workflows of ultrasound (US)-guided needle insertion require physicians to use their both hands: holding the US probe to locate interested areas with the non-dominant hand and the needle with the dominant hand. This is due to the separation of functionalities for localization and needle insertion. This requirement does not only make the procedure cumbersome, but also limits the reliability of guidance given that the positional relationship between the needle and US images is interpreted with their experience and assumption. Although the US-guided needle insertion may be assisted through navigation systems, the recovery of the positional relationship between the needle and US images requires the usage of external tracking systems and image-based tracking algorisms that may involve the registration inaccuracy. Therefore, there is an unmet need for the solution that provides a simple and intuitive needle localization and insertion to improve the conventional US-guided procedure. In this work, we propose a new device concept based on the ring-arrayed forward-viewing (RAF) ultrasound imaging system. The proposed system is comprised with ring-arrayed transducers and an open whole inside the ring where the needle can be inserted. The ring array provides forward-viewing US images, where the needle can be visualized at the center of the reconstructed image without any registration. As the proof of concept, we designed several ring-arrayed configurations and visualized point targets using the forward-viewing US imaging through simulations and phantom experiments. The results demonstrated the successful target visualization and indicates the ring-arrayed US imaging has a potential to improve the US-guided needle insertion procedure to be simpler and more intuitive.
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Ryosuke Tsumura, Doua P. Vang, Nobuhiko Hata, and Haichong K. Zhang "Ring-arrayed forward-viewing ultrasound imaging system: a feasibility study", Proc. SPIE 11319, Medical Imaging 2020: Ultrasonic Imaging and Tomography, 113190K (16 March 2020);

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