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30 March 2020 Large arrays of atomic ensembles for quantum simulation and computation (Conference Presentation)
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Ultracold atoms confined in microtrap array is a highly versatile platform for quantum many-body physics, quantum simulation and quantum computation because of the easy scalability, long coherence time, single site addressability and controllable interactions, e.g. using Rydberg states. Here, we demonstrate an novel method to prepare versatile arrays of atomic ensembles by transferring them from a pancake shaped optical reservoir to an array of optical tweezers produced via direct projection of light patterns produced via a digital micromirror device. The size of each ensemble is smaller than the Rydberg blockade radius, such that each one can carry either 0 or 1 (collective) excitations which can then strongly interact with the neighbouring ensembles. Finally I will discuss a recent proposal to use such Rydberg arrays to realise programmable quantum systems in the form of quantum cellular automata (QCA). This opens a path to study many-body quantum dynamics in quantum and classical regimes, to engineer highly entangled quantum states and toward an inherently scalable approach to quantum information processing and computing.
Conference Presentation
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Yibo Wang, Sayali Shevate, Tobias Wintermantel, and Shannon Whitlock "Large arrays of atomic ensembles for quantum simulation and computation (Conference Presentation)", Proc. SPIE 11347, Quantum Technologies 2020, 1134708 (30 March 2020);

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