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1 April 2020 P-doping effect on external optical feedback dynamics in 1.3-μm InAs/GaAs quantum dot laser epitaxially grown on silicon
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This work reports on the optical feedback dynamics of InAs/GaAs QD lasers epitaxially grown on silicon operating in both the short and long delay regimes. Both undoped and p-doped QD lasers are considered. Whatever the external cavity length, no chaotic oscillations are observed on both samples as a result of the small α-factor observed in the silicon QD lasers. Despite that, experiments conducted in the short-cavity region raise period-one oscillation for the undoped QD laser. In addition, the transition from the short to long delay regimes can be finely covered by varying the external cavity length from 5 cm to 50 cm, and the boundaries associated to the appearance of the periodic oscillation are identified. In the short-cavity region, boundaries show some residual undulations resulting from interferences between internal and external cavity modes; whereas in the long-delay regime, the feedback ratio delimiting the boundaries keeps decreasing, until it progressively becomes rather in- dependent of the external cavity length. Overall, our results showed that the p-doped device clearly exhibits a much higher tolerance to the different external feedback conditions than the undoped one, seeing that its periodic oscillation boundaries are barely impossible to retrieve at the maximum feedback strength of -7 dB. These results show for the first time the p-modulation doping effect on the enhancement of feedback insensitivity in both short- and long-delay configurations, which is of paramount importance for the development of ultra-stable silicon transmitters for photonic technologies.
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Bozhang Dong, Jun-Da Chen, Han-Ling Tsay, Heming Huang, Jianan Duan, Justin C. Norman, John E. Bowers, Fan-Yi Lin, and Frédéric Grillot "P-doping effect on external optical feedback dynamics in 1.3-μm InAs/GaAs quantum dot laser epitaxially grown on silicon", Proc. SPIE 11356, Semiconductor Lasers and Laser Dynamics IX, 113560C (1 April 2020);

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