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27 April 2020 Performing IR spectroscopy at multiple points along a gas chromatographic column for rapid high fidelity detection (Conference Presentation)
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The ability to rapidly detect hazardous airborne chemicals with high fidelity in a single point-detection system remains a significant challenge in a complex chemical background. Traditional Gas chromatography (GC) can significantly augment most detection technologies by separating complex mixtures for high fidelity detection, but with the disadvantage of requiring detection at the end of the GC column which adds a time disadvantage for any decision making process. Microfabrication of GC columns has reduced device footprint and power consumption, but the end-of-column detection paradigm remains. We present a rapid detection concept of in-column detection by probing the GC stationary phase which is coated on an IR transparent column substrate. The optical evanescent field interactions in the mid-infrared spectral region (US. Patent# 9,599,567) allows analyte detection along the column without having to wait for complete elution. These spectral signatures, collected at different points along the column, are analyzed by an algorithm to quickly identify components in a complex mixture. We present results with an ATR-based system that uses a focused tunable quantum cascade laser beam directed by galvo mirrors at points along a molded micro-GC column whose base comprises an optically transparent material coated with the stationary phase.
Conference Presentation
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Christopher J. Breshike, Robert Furstenberg, Tyler Huffman, Todd Stievater, Dmitry Kozak, and R. Andrew McGill "Performing IR spectroscopy at multiple points along a gas chromatographic column for rapid high fidelity detection (Conference Presentation)", Proc. SPIE 11389, Micro- and Nanotechnology Sensors, Systems, and Applications XII, 113892J (27 April 2020);


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