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24 April 2020 Practical numerical integration on NISQ devices
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This paper addresses the practical aspects of quantum algorithms used in numerical integration, specifically their implementation on Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) devices. Quantum algorithms for numerical integration utilize Quantum Amplitude Estimation (QAE) (Brassard et al., 2002) in conjunction with Grover’s algorithm. However, QAE is daunting to implement on NISQ devices since it typically relies on Quantum Phase Estimation (QPE), which requires many ancilla qubits and controlled operations. To mitigate these challenges, a recently published QAE algorithm (Suzuki et al., 2020), which does not rely on QPE, requires a much smaller number of controlled operations and does not require ancilla qubits. We implement this new algorithm for numerical integration on IBM quantum devices using Qiskit and optimize the circuit on each target device. We discuss the application of this algorithm on two qubits and its scalability to more than two qubits on NISQ devices.
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Kwangmin Yu, Hyunkyung Lim, and Pooja Rao "Practical numerical integration on NISQ devices", Proc. SPIE 11391, Quantum Information Science, Sensing, and Computation XII, 1139106 (24 April 2020);


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