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22 April 2020 Quantum 3D imaging through multiscattering media of 10 optical depth
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High resolution three dimensional (3D) optical imaging in the turbid underwater scenarios over extended length remains an outstanding challenge, primarily impeded by the absorption and scattering in turbid water, which result in substantial signal attenuation over short propagation distances. Overcoming water absorption by using optimum illumination wavelengths (480- 600 nm) of the visible spectrum, however, still requires one to address the strong scattering effects. To address the above challenge, we introduce a novel 3D imaging modality based on quantum parametric mode sorting (QPMS). It is a nascent quantum measurement technique that utilizes mode-selective quantum frequency conversion (QFC) in a χ2 nonlinear waveguide to up convert signal photons in a single spatiotemporal mode efficiently. Undesirable photons in other modes, even if they spectrally and temporally overlap with the signal, are converted with much less efficiency. This unique feature, combining with picosecond time gated detection as defined by the pump pulse width, can isolate signal photon backscattered by the target from multiscattered photons by the obstacle. It thus enables imaging through a strongly scattering medium, where the background photons are orders of magnitude stronger. With QPMS, we demonstrate 3D imaging of a target occluded by strongly scattering turbid media with optical depth < 9 (<18 round trip), while needing only 10􀀀5 detected photons/pulse to achieve sub-millimeters resolution. This makes our single photon sensitive 3D imager suitable for imaging and remote sensing applications in photon-starved natural water environments where it's high sensitivity and excellent temporal resolution can be exploited to its full extent.
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Yong Meng Sua, Shengyu Zhu, Patrick Rehain, Daniel Tafone, Bharathwaj Muthuswamy, Jeevanandha Ramanathan, Ivan Dickson, and Yu-Ping Huang "Quantum 3D imaging through multiscattering media of 10 optical depth", Proc. SPIE 11420, Ocean Sensing and Monitoring XII, 1142009 (22 April 2020);

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