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15 December 2020 The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Coronagraph Instrument (CGI) technology demonstration
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The Coronagraph Instrument (CGI) on the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will demonstrate the highcontrast technology necessary for visible-light exoplanet imaging and spectroscopy from space via direct imaging of Jupiter-size planets and debris disks. This in-space experience is a critical step toward future, larger missions targeted at direct imaging of Earth-like planets in the habitable zones of nearby stars. This paper presents an overview of the current instrument design and requirements, highlighting the critical hardware, algorithms, and operations being demonstrated. We also describe several exoplanet and circumstellar disk science cases enabled by these capabilities. A competitively selected Community Participation Program team will be an integral part of the technology demonstration and could perform additional CGI observations beyond the initial tech demo if the instrument performance warrants it.
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N. Jeremy Kasdin, Vanessa P. Bailey, Bertrand Mennesson, Robert T. Zellem, Marie Ygouf, Jason Rhodes, Thomas Luchik, Feng Zhao, A. J. Eldorado Riggs, Byoung-Joon Seo, John Krist, Brian Kern, Hong Tang, Bijan Nemati, Tyler D. Groff, Neil Zimmerman, Bruce Macintosh, Margaret Turnbull, John Debes, Ewan S. Douglas, and Roxana E. Lupu "The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Coronagraph Instrument (CGI) technology demonstration", Proc. SPIE 11443, Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2020: Optical, Infrared, and Millimeter Wave, 114431U (15 December 2020);

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