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1030-nm nanosecond LIDT of dielectric coatings on yttrium aluminium garnet
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Laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) of dielectric AR-coated substrates prepared from Czochralski-grown neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garget (YAG) single crystal was measured at the wavelength of 1030 nm, 10 ns pulse duration with repetition rate of 10 Hz in r-on-1 mode according to the ISO 21254 standard [1]. Induced damage was detected by both online scattered light diagnostics and offline inspection using confocal microscopy [2]. Surface of the substrates was visually inspected for the presence of defects and the micro-roughness was measured by white-light interferometry prior to deposition. Various AR coatings were designed for normal incidence at lasing/pumping (1064/808 nm) wavelengths of Nd:YAG. In order to minimize residual reflectivity coatings were prepared approx. 3% thinner to better match testing wavelength. Samples were coated in high-vacuum cryo-pumped chambers using either (reactive) non-IAD or ion-assisted (IAD) e-beam deposition technology. A comparison of measured values of LIDT is presented and discussed with respect to previously achieved results [3].
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Stepan Uxa, Jan Vanda, Mihai-George Muresan, and Václav Skoda "1030-nm nanosecond LIDT of dielectric coatings on yttrium aluminium garnet", Proc. SPIE 11514, Laser-induced Damage in Optical Materials 2020, 115141U;

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