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20 September 2020 Exploring the importance for promoting Earth observation in education
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This paper presents the significance and importance of promoting the benefits of Earth Observation when implemented in ‘secondary’ and ‘higher education’ in Cyprus schools. Firstly, examples of how Earth observation is used in other countries for the secondary education such as Germany and China and how ESA through Earth Observation education materials are used to promote STEM education are presented. Secondly, ‘EXCELSIOR for Schools’ & ‘SOFIA ESA’ initiatives for promoting earth observation education in Cyprus are also presented. Indeed. examples of how earth observation is presented through seminars, workshops, science cafes, researcher's night, from earth observation experts into schools in Cyprus is also described and analysed. Examples of how earth observation is used in the existing curriculum for undergraduate, postgraduate courses for surveying and civil engineers is demonstrated for monitoring and providing solutions for civil and geomatics engineering aspects at the Cyprus University of Technology through the EXCELSIOR H2020 Teaming project.
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