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10 October 2020 Helicity-multiplexed bifocal geometric metalenses at visible wavelength
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Metasurface optical elements such as metalenses have drawn great attentions for their capabilities of manipulating wavefront versatilely and miniaturizing traditional optical devices into ultrathin counterparts, and multi-functional metasurfaces such as bifocal metalenses have attracted tremendous interests due to their potential in system integration. In this paper, an approach to design polarization-dependent bifocal metalenses which are able to independently generate longitudinally or transversely bifocal spots under the incidence of circularly polarized light with arbitrary ellipticity is proposed and demonstrated by full-wave simulations. When the designed devices are illuminated with elliptically polarized lights at wavelength of 532 nm, both of the helicity-multiplexed bifocal spots appear simultaneously, and the relative intensity of both focal spots can be tuned in terms of the ellipticity of the polarization state. In addition, a polarization-independent metalens based on geometric phase modulation is illustrated and the focusing efficiency of it maintains stable ignoring the polarization state of the incident waves, which could be of vital importance in real applications. This design is of enormous potential of being applied in real compact optical systems such as imaging, display, microscopy, tomography, optical data storage and so on.
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Chang Wang, Siqi Liu, Chenning Tao, Peng Sun, Fei Wu, Jinlei Zhang, and Zhenrong Zheng "Helicity-multiplexed bifocal geometric metalenses at visible wavelength", Proc. SPIE 11548, Optical Design and Testing X, 115480A (10 October 2020);

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