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10 October 2020 Waveguide using grating coupler for uniform luminance and color AR display
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The optical combiner is an important part of the optical see-through augmented reality display system. Waveguide is an appropriate solution due to its advantages such as light weight and compact structure. Because grating has replicability, it is a promising solution to the waveguide’s coupler for mass-production. In this paper, a grating coupler for waveguide is designed by using the rigorous coupled wave analysis (RCWA) to increase the accuracy of the simulation due to the critical dimension is similar to the wavelength. The uniformity of the diffraction efficiency is considered as an important parameter for a better displaying performance. The downhill algorithm is used to optimize the parameters of the grating. In order to obtain a large field of view, the thickness of the grating should be controlled carefully. Finally, two gratings are designed for the waveguide which can extend pupil horizontally. The displaying performance of the waveguide is simulated, and the grating couplers are fabricated by the nanoimprint lithography method. The characteristics of the gratings are tested such as transmittance and diffraction efficiency. The results show the proposed gratings can be utilized for waveguide’s coupler. It is believed that our results will give a better alternative for the augmented reality display system.
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Siqi Liu, Chang Wang, Peng Sun, Chenning Tao, Jinlei Zhang, Zhanghao Ding, and Zhenrong Zheng "Waveguide using grating coupler for uniform luminance and color AR display", Proc. SPIE 11548, Optical Design and Testing X, 115480G (10 October 2020);


Diffraction gratings

Augmented reality

Optical design



Ion beams

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