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22 March 2021 Window-opener as an example for environment measurement and combined actuation of smart hydrogels
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An environment is defined by a set of field values, such as temperature, electro-magnetic field, light intensity, air humidity and air composition. Smart materials, such as hydrogels, are able to react to these kinds of stimuli. The spatial and time development of environmental values is governed by transport equations. Hence the reaction, i.e. actuation or sensing, of the smart material can be described based on the same assumptions. The displacement, here swelling and deswelling, of the material depends on the combination of the environmental parameters. Smart materials are called multi-sensitive, when more than one parameter is purposely used (i) to manipulate the material, i.e. as an actuator or (ii) to measure the quantities, i.e. as a (multi-)sensor. However, the material can also perform (iii) the objective of a logic processing unit in addition to (i) and (ii). In the current work, we present a device that realizes this concept: An automatic window opener that senses environmental parameters (light-level and air temperature) and reacts accordingly. The hydrogel material that is included in the simplistic device simultaneously acts as sensor, logic processing unit and actuator.
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Adrian Ehrenhofer, Martin Elstner, Angelos Filippatos, Maik Gude, and Thomas Wallmersperger "Window-opener as an example for environment measurement and combined actuation of smart hydrogels", Proc. SPIE 11587, Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) XXIII, 115870I (22 March 2021);

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