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6 May 2021 LMJ 2021 facility status
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The Laser Megajoule facility, developed by the CEA is based on 176 Nd:glass laser beams focused on a micro -target positioned inside a 10-meter diameter spherical chamber. The facility will deliver a total energy of 1.4MJ of UV light at 0.35 μm and a maximum power of 400 TW. A specific pétawatt beam, PETAL, offers a combination of a very high intensity beam, synchronized with the nanosecond beams of the LMJ. This combination allows expanding the LMJ experimental field in the High Energy Density Physics (HEDP) domain. Since October 2019, 56 beams are fully operational (7 bundle of 8 beams). The installation and the commissioning of new laser bundles and new plasma diagnostics around the target chamber are continuing, simultaneously to the realization of plasma experiments. A major project milestone has been achieved at the end of 2019, with the first experiment in the facility involving neutron production, through D-D reaction in a D2 capsule inside a gold rugby cavity. The next major milestones for LMJ will take place at the end of 2021 with the commissioning of the half LMJ (10 heating bundles of 8 beams and a specific bundle for plasma diagnostics purpose). The full presentation will describe the software environment used for the laser operation, the first results on the laser damages using our 3w optical components inspection system, the laser damages analysis software, the system of spot blocking, and the last performances obtained with the PETAL beam.
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V. Denis, M. Nicolaizeau, J. Néauport, C. Lacombe, and P. Fourtillan "LMJ 2021 facility status", Proc. SPIE 11666, High Power Lasers for Fusion Research VI, 1166603 (6 May 2021);

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