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5 March 2021 Thermal characteristics analysis of high power 808nm bar facial array
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In order to optimize the output parameters of 808nm array of high-power microchannel heat sink package, the fluid thermodynamic characteristics of 50 × 10 array were simulated. The thermal distribution of the simulation results was used to guide the array assembly. The spectral characteristics of each bar in the stacked array were observed by near-field fiber scanning probe. The simulation results show that the flow rate of the stacked bar decreases gradually from bottom to top, the temperature of the bar increases gradually, and the flow rate of each stacked bar decreases slowly as it is far away from the water outlet. When the flow rate at the entrance of the stack array is 10 L/min, the temperature difference between the bottom and top bar of a single stack array is 13.1 °C, the flow rate difference is 0.24 L/min, and the FWHM width of the stack array spectrum can reach 4.5nm. The temperature of the active region is calculated by measuring the wavelength shift of each bar in a single stacked array, and the results are consistent with the simulation results. The spectral characteristics of the array can be effectively improved by assembling the array according to the temperature distribution.
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Xiaohua Chen, Xiaoying Luo, Zhenkun Yu, Jiangyun Wang, Rong Chen, Linwei Yang, Ruixue Chen, and Lin Geng "Thermal characteristics analysis of high power 808nm bar facial array", Proc. SPIE 11667, Components and Packaging for Laser Systems VII, 116670A (5 March 2021);


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