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27 March 2021 PixClear TiO2 titania nanocomposites for high refractive index films
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One of the most critical technologies required in XR devices are the optical waveguides applied to the lenses. These waveguides are responsible for taking the image that is projected to the inside of a lens and transmitting it to the other side of the lens, delivering a clear image to the viewer. The key factor that determines a clear and immersive XR visual experience is having a field of view (FoV) as wide as possible. High refractive index formulations are key to increasing the FoV. Here we present characterization data of PixNIL™ nanoimprintable formulations that incorporate PixClear® high refractive index products. Films made with Pixelligent’s PixClear® TiO2 nanocrystals with a mean particle diameter of 20 nm and dispersed in an acrylate-based binder demonstrate refractive index values as high 1.96 at 589 nm. In addition, these films maintain high transparency in the visible light spectrum (400 – 700 nm) and demonstrate both low haze and low absorbance. The PixNIL™ formulations can be applied using nanoimprint lithography (NIL) to create optical structures that are key to enabling the widest FoV waveguides.
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Peter C. Guschl, Grace McClintock, Selina Monickam, Robert Wiacek, and Z. Serpil Gonen Williams "PixClear TiO2 titania nanocomposites for high refractive index films", Proc. SPIE 11765, Optical Architectures for Displays and Sensing in Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality (AR, VR, MR) II, 117650I (27 March 2021);

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