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18 April 2021 Ultraviolet to mid-infrared gas-filled anti-resonant hollow-core fiber lasers
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We will present our recent work using noble and Raman-active gas-filled anti-resonant hollow-core fiber (ARHCF) technology. First, we will present the generation of supercontinuum spanning from 200 nm to 4000 nm based on nonlinear effects of soliton self-compression and phase-matched deep‑ultraviolet (DUV) dispersive wave (DW) emission in Argon (Ar)-filled ARHCFs pumped at 2.46 μm wavelength with 100 fs pulses and ~8μJ pulse energy. Then we will discuss our recent work on stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) effect in a hydrogen (H2)-filled ARHCF, to achieve near- and MIR Raman lasers. By employing the single-stage vibrational SRS effect, a 4.22 μm Raman laser line is directly converted from a linearly polarized 1.53 μm pump laser. A quantum efficiency as high as 74% was achieved, to yield 17.6 µJ pulse energy. The designed 4.22 μm wavelength is well overlapped with the strongest CO2 absorption, therefore constituting a promising way for CO2 detection. In addition, we report a multi-wavelength Raman laser based on the cascaded rotational SRS effect. Four Raman lines at 1683 nm, 1868 nm, 2100 nm, and 2400 nm are generated, with pulse energies as high as 18.25 µJ, 14.4 µJ, 14.1 µJ, and 8.2 µJ, respectively. The energy of these Raman lines can be controlled by tuning the H2 pressure from 1 bar to 20 bar.
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Yazhou Wang, Abubakar I. Adamu, Md. Selim Habib, Manoj K. Dasa, Christian R. Petersen, J. Enrique Antonio-Lopez, Binbin Zhou, Peter Uhd Jepsen, Axel Schülzgen, Morten Bache, Rodrigo Amezcua Correa, Ole Bang, and Christos Markos "Ultraviolet to mid-infrared gas-filled anti-resonant hollow-core fiber lasers", Proc. SPIE 11773, Micro-structured and Specialty Optical Fibres VII, 1177308 (18 April 2021);

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