1 July 1990 Argon laser-induced damage in the goldfish (C. auratus) retina following whole-body hyperthermia
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The heat shock response is a phenomenon common to all cells and is characterized by an increase in the rate of synthesis of intracellular heat shock proteins (HSPs) . The response occurs following rapid transient increases in terrerature sufficient to cause stress but not cell death. HSPs appear to perform protective functions that raise the cell''s tolerance to diverse noxious stimuli. Thus we postulated that we could limit laser-induced retinal darriage through induction of the heat shock -response. Corrmon goldfish (C. auratus) made hyperthermic by immersion in 35C water for 15 minutes and radiolabeled with [355]methionine showed retinal liSPs with apparent molecular weights of 110 90 70 and 35 kilodaltons. To test the protective effects of HSPs against laser injury goldfish were made hyperthermic and 4 and 24 hr later their retinas were irradiated with argon laser light (51 4 . 5 nm spot size at the cornea 3. 0 mm irradiance 125 mW/cm2) . NonhyperLhermic animals served as controls. Following 24 hr of recovery fish were terminated and retinas fixed for histology. Fundus photographs were taken irrunediately after laser exposure . Lesion diameters were measured from fundus photographs and evaluated statistically. The mean retinal lesion diameters of fish not subjected to hyperthermJ. a laser exposed 4 hr post hyperLhermia and laser exposed 24 hr post hyperthermia were 10. 25 1. 4 SD 8. 82 2. 1 SD and 6. 78
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Michael A. Deaton, Michael A. Deaton, David J. Lund, David J. Lund, Steven T. Schuschereba, Steven T. Schuschereba, Ann M. Dahlberg, Ann M. Dahlberg, Beth L. Cowan, Beth L. Cowan, Paul Lester, Paul Lester, Daniel G. Odom, Daniel G. Odom, } "Argon laser-induced damage in the goldfish (C. auratus) retina following whole-body hyperthermia", Proc. SPIE 1207, Laser Safety, Eyesafe Laser Systems, and Laser Eye Protection, (1 July 1990); doi: 10.1117/12.17834; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.17834

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