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1 February 1991 Effective transmission holograms produced on CK-type photoresist
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Transmissi on rel i efphase hol ograms made on the CK1 7 type photor-esist and recorded in a codirected asymmetrical scheme are studied. The diffraction efficiency of the holograms obtained is shown to exceed 50 for fi rst order of di ffracti on. A substanti al difference i n angul ar dependences of di. ffract i on effi ci ency i s shown to exi st f or plus and minus first orders of diffraction. 1 . INTRODUCTI ON At present there is a strong trend towards development of methods of making effective transmission reliefphase holograms'' . This is due to the fact that these holograms permit realization of high diffraction efficiency CDE) comparable to that of deep holograms the merit of these holograms is the possibility t. widely reproduce then by mechani cal stampi ng3. The most important parameter determining the possibility to realize high DE of transmission relief phase CTRP) holograms is known to be a X/d ratio value4 where Xis the wavelength o radiation of illuminating source dis the period of relief structure of a hologram. For example if the X/d value is less than 0. 3 then the maxi mal DE val ue whi ch can be real i zed for TRP hol ograms does not exceed 40. If the /d value is approximately unity then the t heor et i c al DE val ue c
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Anatoly R. Bulygin "Effective transmission holograms produced on CK-type photoresist", Proc. SPIE 1238, Three-Dimensional Holography: Science, Culture, Education, (1 February 1991);

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