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1 February 1991 High-efficiency reflective holograms: subangstrom spectral selectors
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This report concerns thick phase polymer recording media Reoxan and holographically manufactured optical elements recorded in them both media and elements being developed in our laboratory. Reoxan in traditional realization is realtime medium and dynamic effects of recording take place. That is why reflective holograms (base of narrowband wavelength selective elements) of highefficiency can''t be recorded. We have developed a new recorAding glassy polymer compo sition acting in a " quasidynamic" regime (lowefficiency hologram recording with further selfenhancement). Such a medium gives one an opportunity to obtain both reflective and transinittive hD1ograr of very high diffraction efficiency close to theoretical limit. Parame ters of higheffective holographic spectral selectors recorded as reflective holograms in this medium are also considered in ths report. I . INTRODUCTION. HOLOGRAPHIC SELECTORS The development of coherent optical methods of information transmission storage and transformation is determined by element base level. Specterselective elements play an important role in the field of information treatment. The traditional representatives of such elements are multylayer interference and interference pola rization filters diffraction gratings etc. Higheffective narrowband selectors based or reflective holograms in 3dimension phase recording materials'' can be serios competitors for such devices due to unique proporties of reflective holograms such as high spectral and angular selectivity relatively simple fa5ricticn high efficiency. The earliest wide experimental investigation of thick phase reflective holograms was carried out by dr. Sukhanov arid co-workers
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Vadim K. Goncharov, Alexander P. Popov, and Andrey V. Veniaminov "High-efficiency reflective holograms: subangstrom spectral selectors", Proc. SPIE 1238, Three-Dimensional Holography: Science, Culture, Education, (1 February 1991);

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