1 February 1991 Hologram as means of color reproduction
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Holography is mainly applied for recording and reconstructing the wave field giving information about the object under study that is mostly a three''-dimensional one. In the present paper the holograms are supposed to be used for testing colorimeters employed in various branches of the national economyl. In this case a reference standard is a reflection hologram of diffuse surface. The spectral distribution J1(X) of its reconstructed light flux is certified by a high precision spectrophotometer and converted into colour coordinates. Carried out in the paper is the calculation of the hologram reconst ruction conditions and given are the results of the experimental re cording of holograms and reconstruction thereof. 1. CALCULATION OF HOLOGRAM RECONSTRUCTION CONDITIONS When working out the practical schemes of recording and reconst ructing holographic colour specimens it is essential to know how the wavelength of the reconstructed radiation A1 is changed with the change of the angle of incidence ac 0f the reconstructing beam of white light. To calculate X let us use the Bragg equation2: XI n2d Sin c (1) where d period of interference pattern c - the angle between direction of reconstructing beam in medium and plane of interference pattern n - refractive index of medium. Using the beam plotting when recording and reconstruction of the hologram are carried out (Fig. l) we shall obtain the expression for A1 2nA A - R I
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N. G. Vlasov, N. G. Vlasov, Sergei P. Vorobjov, Sergei P. Vorobjov, S. G. Karpova, S. G. Karpova, } "Hologram as means of color reproduction", Proc. SPIE 1238, Three-Dimensional Holography: Science, Culture, Education, (1 February 1991); doi: 10.1117/12.19384; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.19384

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