1 February 1991 Research of fast stages of latent image formation in holographic photoemulsions influenced by ultrashort radiation pulses
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Kinetics of fast electronic stages of photolysis of silver halide microcrystals (MC) with characteristic dimensions 30 -- 50 run is investigated It is determined that influence. of UV or visible radiation ultrashort pulses results during some pictoseconds in appearance of nonetationary state of MC sensible to lB radiation . This nonstat. ionary state relaxes in some hundreds picoseconds . On the tsis of experimental results analysis it was concluded low ff1C:1ncy (. fei prceiits ) of use f. r Iatnt image formation. I - THTP0DUCTI(:)N Research of kinetics and efficiency of fast stages of iat. nt image formation in MC of silver halides holographic photmu1sions seems urgent to know the features. of silver halides photomatrials responce for pulsed exposition and ieculiarities of such materials application in pulsed holography . Picccorid spectroscopy methods seem purspctive becouse they ensure sufficient t1 me resolution and possibility of MC exitation by time separated pulses of actinic and nonactinic radiation. 2. EXP1RIMENT In the experinents we use lasers with nde-lcsking radiating trains of picosecond or single picosecond pulses varions silver halides emul. si'':sns with MC dimensions 30 - So rim were used . We studied otographic resxnse to the influence of single pulses or pair of pulses with different wavelengths and various delays also real time prcoesses connected with radiative ( luminscence) and nonradiative (pulsed optoacoustic effect) electronic transitions in MC were studied. Basic scheme
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Igor O. Starobogatov, Igor O. Starobogatov, S. D. Nicolaev, S. D. Nicolaev, "Research of fast stages of latent image formation in holographic photoemulsions influenced by ultrashort radiation pulses", Proc. SPIE 1238, Three-Dimensional Holography: Science, Culture, Education, (1 February 1991); doi: 10.1117/12.19389; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.19389

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