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3 October 2023 Undetected photon interference measurements on a silicon chip
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Interference measurements with undetected photons employ entangled photon pairs in order to overcome classical limitations in measurement sensitivity. With the undetected photon technique, one photon (signal) interacts with an object, and the signature of the interaction is stored in its entangled counterpart (idler): the interacting photon remains undetected, while the detection is performed on the photon that did not interact with the object. While the signal photon can be chosen in any spectral region suitable for the interaction, the idler photon is generated in a spectral region where detectors are efficient, scalable, and cheap. To date, the configurations proposed are in bulk setups. In this work, we propose a novel configuration on an integrated device, with the advantages of the reduced dimension, the lower cost and the robustness to alignment. In our experiment, we pumped a silicon-on-silica integrated circuit with a classical beam at a wavelength of 1.568 μm. Via intermodal spontaneous four-wave mixing, we generated highly non-degenerate time-energy entangled signal and idler photons at 1.99 μm and 1.29 μm, respectively. As we have integrated two identical sources of entangled photons in series, the photon pairs generated in the two sources are indistinguishable, and controlling the phase of the pump beam and the phase of the signal photons after the first nonlinear source, we observed interference patterns with 24% maximum visibility in the idler photon counts. We successfully measured the dephasing induced on the signal photons by measuring only the idler ones.
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Chiara Michelini, Stefano Signorini, Valerio Pruneri, and Lorenzo Pavesi "Undetected photon interference measurements on a silicon chip", Proc. SPIE 12692, Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging XXI, 126920F (3 October 2023);
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