1 January 1991 New method for doing flat-field intensity calibrations of multiplexed ITT Streak Cameras
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The flat-field intensity calibrations of ITT downhole streak cameras were previously done with a bandpass filtered flashlamp/integrating sphere combination. However this system had several problems when characterizing ITT streak cameras that were spatially multiplexed. The main problem simply stated was that there was excessive charge build-up on the phosphor screen of the microchannel plate image intensifier (MCPII) before the sweep of the streak camera started. Consequently the swept CCD image had as many as twenty rows of saturated pixels. In addition contamination or charge spillover into other rows of the CCD readout became an issue. This article outlines a better approach for doing flat-field calibrations which avoids the CCD saturation problem.
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Keith F. Hugenberg, "New method for doing flat-field intensity calibrations of multiplexed ITT Streak Cameras", Proc. SPIE 1346, Ultrahigh- and High-Speed Photography, Videography, Photonics, and Velocimetry '90, (1 January 1991); doi: 10.1117/12.23379; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.23379

Streak cameras


Imaging systems


Charge-coupled devices

High speed photography



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