1 March 1991 Novel GaP/InP strained heterostructures: growth, characterization,and technological perspectives
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GaP/InP strained-layer superlattices (SLS) grown on GaAs substrates are a novel structure with a large lattice mismatch symmetrically shared (+ 3 . 7 (GaP) -3 . 6 (InP)). We present growth and characterization of two types of GaP/InP based heterostructures: i) isolated SLSs and ii) a SLS based QW confined by A1GaAs barriers. Growth by Atomic Layer MBE has allowed to combine P- and As-containing materials in a controllable way preserving flat interfaces at low substrate temperatures. Optical characterization oftheheterostructures ispresented and correlated with akp model obtaining the first estimation for the conduction band offset at the GaP/InP heteroj unction. All superlattices studied have been found to be spatially direct (type I) being this feature very promising for their use as active layer in a semiconductor QW laser. I.
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Miguel Recio, Ana Ruiz, Juan Melendez, Jose Maria Rodriguez, Gaspar Armelles, Maria Luisa Dotor, and Fernando Briones "Novel GaP/InP strained heterostructures: growth, characterization,and technological perspectives", Proc. SPIE 1361, Physical Concepts of Materials for Novel Optoelectronic Device Applications I: Materials Growth and Characterization, (1 March 1991); doi: 10.1117/12.24413; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.24413

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