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1 September 1991 Development and experimental investigation of a copying procedure for the reproduction of large-format transmissive holograms
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A novel copying technique specially developed for the batch reproduction and manufacturing of large format holographic optical elements (HOEs) which are used in the manufacturing of solar concentrators is presented. The HOEs are designed by means of computer programs that facilitate the optimization of the recording geometry for on-axis or off-axis operation. The HOEs are recorded in dichromated gelatin layers (DCG) and are subsequently subjected to chemical and thermal after-treatment processes in order to promote the desired characteristics and suppress the undesired properties. These 'master' holograms are used for the manufacturing of the copies. In this report, the technique developed for the reproduction of transmissive holograms, i.e. holographic lenses is discussed. the copying procedure requires that the master hologram generates an object wave that carries the information and a reference wave needed for the recording of this information. Since the master is placed in front of the copy during the reproduction process, the master must have 50% diffraction efficiency across the entire aperture. This requirement restrains the permissible variation of the exposure energy during the reproduction process to very narrow bounds. Usually, dichromated gelatin films exhibit a steep dependence of the diffraction efficiency with the exposure energy. Hence, a small variation of the intensity at a given point of the hologram may produce a very large change in the diffraction efficiency. The authors have developed a new method based on film properties control that facilitates the manufacturing of master holograms with 50% diffraction efficiency. The industrial fabrication of large-format
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Ruediger Kubitzek, Klaus Froehlich, Stephan Tropartz, and Christo G. Stojanoff "Development and experimental investigation of a copying procedure for the reproduction of large-format transmissive holograms", Proc. SPIE 1507, Holographic Optics III: Principles and Applications, (1 September 1991);

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