5 February 1992 Experiments on resonant photopumping of Mo VII for a VUV laser near 600 A
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We present recent experimental data related to the resonant photopumping of Mo VII by Mo XII as a method of generating a VUV source near 600 A. The experiment is based on a scheme proposed by Feldman and Reader (1989), in which the excitation of the 4p5 6s - 4p6 transition in Mo VII by the 5s 2Ssub 1/2 - 4p 2Psub 1/2 transition in Mo XII produces a population inversion on one of several 6s-5p transitions in Mo VII. The generation of plasmas suitable for photopumping experiments is established from the presentation of measurements of line emission from Mo plasmas as a function of laser and target parameters. Results of the laser produced plasma experiments show the successful enhancement of the population of the Mo VII 4p5 6s upper lasing level when pumped by an adjacent Mo XII plasma. We also present results where improvements of the intensity of the Mo XII pump source, achieved using an additional pump laser, lead to the generation of a population inversion for a VUV transition.
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Kevin Ilcisin, Kevin Ilcisin, Szymon Suckewer, Szymon Suckewer, } "Experiments on resonant photopumping of Mo VII for a VUV laser near 600 A", Proc. SPIE 1551, Ultrashort Wavelength Lasers, (5 February 1992); doi: 10.1117/12.134833; https://doi.org/10.1117/12.134833

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