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08.45 Opening Address

09.00 Modelling integrated sensor/actuator functions in realistic environments

V V Varadan, Liang-Chi Chin and V K Varadan

Pennsylvania State University, USA

Invited Speaker

09.30 Fiber optic smart structures for aerospace applications

E Udd

McDonnell Douglas Electronic Systems Company, USA

Invited Speaker

10.00 A concept of intelligent materials and the current activities of intelligent materials in Japan

T Takagi

Ion Engineering Research Institute Corporation, Japan

Invited Speaker

10.30 Smart materials research in the USAF Wright Laboratory

T G Gerardi, R Pachter, R L Crane and W W Adams

Wright-Patterson AFB, USA

10.50 COFFEE


11.10 A multifunction sensor for smart structure applications

J R Dunphy

United Technologies Research Center, USA

Invited Speaker

11.40 Monitoring of prestressed concrete structures with optical fiber sensors

R Wolff and H-J Miesseler

SICOM GmbH, Germany

12.00 Sensor system architectures for spatially-resolved dynamic strain measurement using optical fibers

V A Handerek and A J Rogers

King’s College London, UK

12.20 Elastic curve recovery by a quasi-distributed polarimetric fiber optic sensor

A Barberis, P Escobar Rojo, V Gusmeroli, C Mariottini, and M Martinelli

CISE Tecnologie Innovative SpA, Italy

12.40 Passive phase interrogation and multiplexing of two-mode fiber strain sensors for smart structures systems

T A Berkoff and A D Kersey

Naval Research Laboratory, USA

13.00 LUNCH

Optical-fiber sensor-network for temperature and proximity control

A Mencaglia, M Brenci and A G Mignani


Digital systems for automatic control of optical resonators used as gravitational waves interferometric detectors

F Barone, E Calloni, R De Rosa, F Fusco, L Milano and G Russo

Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy and Universita di Napoli, Italy

L Di Fiore

Università di Napoli, Italy

Quasi-distributed fiber-optic sensor for simultaneous absolute measurement of strain and temperature

L Wosinski, J P Bétend-Bon, M Breidne, B Sahlgren and R Stubbe

Institute of Optical Research, Sweden

A digital technique for passive demodulation in a fiber optic homodyne interferometer

W Jin, D Walsh, D Uttamchandani and B Culshaw

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Spatially-weighted optical fiber sensing methods

R O Claus, K A Murphy, B R Fogg and J A Greene

Virginia Polytechnic, USA

A M Vengsarkar

AT & T Bell Laboratories, USA

Fiber-grating based strain sensor with phase sensitive detection

A D Kersey

Naval Research Laboratory, USA

T A Berkoff


WW Moray

United Technologies Research Center, USA


14.10 What do embedded optical fibers really measure?

J S Sirkis and A Dasgupta

University of Maryland, USA

14.30 Fiber Bragg grating sensor demonstration in glass-fiber reinforced polyester composite

H D Simonsen and R Paetsch

Per Udsen Co. Aircraft Industry A/S, Denmark

J R Dunphy

United Technologies Research Center, USA

14.50 Unidirectional glass reinforced plastic composite monitoring with white light quasi distributed polarimetric sensing network

P Sansonetti, J J Guerin, D Viton, C Gouffier and D Engrand

Bertin & CIE, France

15.10 Composite strain sensing with a combined interferometric and polarimetric fiber-optic strain gauge

NFürstenau and W Schmidt

D.L.R., Germany

H-C Goetting

Institute for Structural Mechanics, Germany

15.30 Spatial modulation within embedded fiber optic sensors for smart structures characterization

M A El-Sherif and F K Ko

Drexel University, USA

15.50 COFFEE

Experimental application of a phase-strain-temperature model for polarimetric optical fiber strain sensors

P L Nielson

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

J S Sirkis and Yu-Lung Lo

University of Maryland, USA

Process-induced birefringence variations in fiber optic embedded in composite materials

M Turpin, J Chazelas and H Stoppiglia

Thomson-CSF, France


16.10 The evolution of smart structures/materials

W B Spillman

University of Vermont, USA

Invited Speaker

16.40 Finite element analysis of composite laminates containing transversely embedded optical fiber sensors

R Davidson and S S J Roberts

AEA Technology, UK

17.00 Smart structural composites with the ability to monitor vibration and damage

N Shaikh, S Chen, Y Lu and D Timm

University of Nebraska, USA

17.20 High temperature strain, temperature and damage sensors for advanced aerospace materials

A Wang, K Murphy, R May, G Wang, S Gollapudi and R Claus

Virgina Polytechnic, USA

17.40 Conformal acoustic waveguide technology for smart aerospace structures

J N Schoess and C T Sullivan

Honeywell Systems & Research Centre, USA

18.00 Fiber optic strain sensing for smart adaptive structures

B Mason, D Hogg and R M Measures University of Toronto, Canada

Vehicle weighing in motion with fiber optic sensors

S Teral

Alcatel Cable Contracting, France

Fluorescent plastic fiber sensors for detection of humidity, breathing condition and temperature

S Muto and H Ito

Yamanashi University, Japan

An optical-fiber fatigue crack detection and monitoring system

K F Hale

Brunei University, UK

Fiber optic distributed temperature sensing

P R Orrell and A P Leach

York Sensors Ltd, UK

Preliminary evaluation for developing smart ropes using embedded sensors

R G May, R O Claus and K A Murphy

Virginia Polytechnic, USA

Thermo-elastic auto-measurement of the Grüneisen parameter by a polarimetric fiber-optic sensor

P Escobar Rojo and M Martinelli

CISE Tecnologie Innovative SpA, Italy

M G Beghi and G Caglioti

Politecnico di Milano, Italy


08.30 Mechanics issues of induced strain actuation

C A Rogers

Virginia Polytechnic, USA

Invited Speaker

09.00 Piezoelectric ceramics in smart actuators and systems

K Uchino

The Pennsylvania State University, USA

09.20 The stability of strain in shape-memory actuators

C M Friend

Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK

09.40 Active vibration control of flexible linkage mechanisms using shape memory alloy fiber-reinforced composites

A Venkatesh, J Hilborn, J-E Bidaux and R Gotthardt

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

10.00 Shape memory alloy adjustable camber (SMAAC) control surfaces

C H Beauchamp, R H Nadolink, S C Dickinson and L M Dean

Naval Undersea Warfare Center, USA

10.20 COFFEE

Measurement of impulsive pressure applied on a thin plate by piezoelectric transducers

T Adachi, S Ujihashi and H Matsumoto

Tokyo Institute of Engineering, Japan

Thermal cycling of shape memory alloy wires using semiconductor heat pump modules

M A Thrasher, A R Shahin, P H Meckl and J D James

Purdue University, USA


10.50 Recent developments in active structural control research in the USA

G W Housner

California Institute of Technology, USA

S F Masri

University of Southern California, USA

Invited Speaker

T T Soong

State University of New York, USA

11.20 Bearings of a bridge fitted with load measuring devices based on an optical fiber technology

J M Caussignac, A Chabert, G Morel

LCPC, France

P Rogez and J Seantier

Societe Freyssinet-Industries, France

11.40 Possibilities for the use of strain gauged reinforcement in smart structures

R H Scott and P A T Gill

University of Durham, UK

12.00 Fiber-optic interferometric sensors for concrete structures

P Escobar, V Gusmeroli and M Martinelli

CISE Tecnologie Innovative SpA, Italy

I Lanciani and P Morabito


12.20 Monitoring the performance of real building structures

H D Wright and R M Lloyd

University of Strathclyde, UK

12.40 LUNCH

Fiber-optic intensity-modulated sensors for continuous observation of concrete and rock-fill dams

A Holst

Wolfgang Habel Institute of Structural Engineering, Germany

R Lessing

SICOM GmbH, Germany


13.50 Structural control research at the National Science Foundation

J Eleonora Sabadell

National Science Foundation, USA

Invited Speaker

14.20 Proposal of a hybrid active dynamic vibration absorber for high-rise buildings under earthquake excitation

K Yoshida and T Watanabe

Keio University, Japan

14.40 An advance notification system for smart structures in seismic zones

H A Smith, Y Takeuchi and H C Shah

Stanford University, USA

15.00 Optical fiber sensors for the quantitative measurement of strain in concrete structures

B Kruschwitz, R O Claus, K A Murphy, R G May and M F Gunther

Virginia Polytechnic, USA

15.20 Predictive control of seismic response of structure taking into account the soil-structure interaction

T Sato and K Toki

Kyoto University, Japan

15.40 Installation and preliminary results from fiber optic sensors embedded in a concrete building

D R Huston, P L Fuhr, P J Kajenski, T P Ambrose and W B Spillman

University of Vermont, USA

16.00 COFFEE

Towards a methodology for designing active elements into civil structures

S A Austin, R M Goodall and J S Nolan

Loughborough University, UK


16.20 Short term fatigue behaviour of composite materials containing embedded fiber optic sensors and actuators

S S J Roberts and R Davidson

AEA Technology, UK

16.40 Stress monitoring and re-adjustment in concrete structures

C Abdunur

LCPC, France

17.00 The influence of fiber optic sensors on the performance of advanced composite components

N Fox, P Sheard, and S Steadman

Pera International, UK

17.20 Evaluation of an optica] signal response and failure mechanisms induced by the transverse shear deformation in smart structures

A K Tay

Ford Motor Company, USA

D A Wilson and J R Houghton

Tennessee Technological University, USA

R L Wood

TEXTRON Aerostructures, USA

CAIO (Computer aided internal optimization): A powerful method to optimize fiber arrangement in composite materials

R Kriechbaum, J Schäfer and C Mattheck

Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center, Germany

Performance of fiber optic sensors in fracture mechanics applications

A Shukla and R Singh

University of Rhode Island, USA

N Narendran

Mechanical Technology Inc., USA


08.30 Technological challenges with smart structures in German aircraft industry

Chr Boller, H Hönlinger and O Sensburg

MBB - Deutsche Aerospace, Germany

08.50 Smart health monitoring of aircraft structures using neural networks

J N Kudva and N Munir

Northrop Corporation, USA

09.10 Application of fuzzy control/neural networks to rendezvous simulation of space structure

Y Matsuzaki, H Hosoda and S Abe

Nagoya University, Japan

09.30 Identification and feedback control in structures with piezoceramic actuators

H T Banks, K Ito and Y Wang

University of Southern California, USA

09.50 COFFEE

Acceleration feedback method applied to active tuned mass damper

I Nishimura, T Kobori, M Sakamoto, N Koshika, K Sasaki and S Ohrui Kobori Research Complex, Japan

Control design for smart flexible structures

R Katebi

Strathclyde University, UK

ARMA models for real-time system identification of smart structures

R S Betros, N R Steffen and M J Triller

TRW Space & Technology Group, USA

Optimal location of structural control devices: A progressive collapse analogy

J Holnicki-Szulc

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

F López-Almansa, J Rodeller and P Cruells

Technical University of Catalonia, Spain


10.10 D.L.R.’s smart structures research programme

E Breitbach

D.L.R., Germany

Invited Speaker

10.40 Optimal placement of piezoelectric actuators in adaptive truss structures

R Lammering

D.L.R., Germany

11.00 The smart structures technology in the vibration control of helicopter blades in forward flight

F Nitzsche and E Breitbach

D.L.R., Germany

11.20 Influence of electrode size on the active suppression of sound reflection from submerged plates using distributed piezoelectric actuators

P E Barbone

Stanford University, USA

A M B Braga

Pontiffcia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

11.40 Smart structures with piezopolymers for space applications

W Charon

Dornier GmbH, Germany

G Lindner and H Roth

Fachhochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten, Germany

12.00 Active flutter suppression of a tube conveying fluid

J Tani and Y Sudani

Tohoku University, Japan

12.20 LUNCH

Structural design of active precision structures

W Charon

Dornier GmbH, Germany

The application of signal processing and knowledge based techniques to the health monitoring of gas turbine engines

M N Brown, R Stewart and T Durrani

University of Strathclyde, UK

T Buggy


B Rickman

Dowty Maritime, UK

An innovative class of macroscopically smart composite structural materials featuring both actuators and sensors

M V Gandhi, B S Thompson and S R Kasiviswanathan

Michigan State University, USA

Smart slewing frames

D J Leo and D J Inman

State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

Non-resonant systems for adaptive and smart structural control

N Shaikh and Y Song

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA


13.30 Light emitting intelligent Langmuir-Blodgett films

S Kurosawa, K Sugai and S Miyata

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

Invited Speaker

14.00 Smart structures and intelligent materials for biomedical applications

G W Hastings

University of London, UK

Invited Speaker

14.30 Simulation of the dynamic behaviour of polymeric gels

W R Witkowski, D J Segalman, D B Adolf and B Hance

Sandia National Laboratories, USA

14.50 Smart materials which sense, activate and repair damage; hollow porous fibers in composites release chemicals from fibers for self-healing, damage prevention, and/or dynamic control

C M Dry

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

15.10 COFFEE

Superionic conductors as smart materials: Foundations and areas for applications

S Sigaryov

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Multiple frequency interference in photorefractive media

D E Cox and S S Welch

NASA Langley Research Center, USA


15.30 Actuation strain decoupling through enhanced directional attachment in plates and aerodynamic surfaces

R Barrett

University of Kansas, USA

15.50 Adaptive/conformal wing design for future aircraft

F Austin, G J Knowles, W G Jung, C C Tung and E M Sheedy

Grumman Corporate Research Center, USA

16.10 Design and characterisation of a smart sensor/actuator sub-system for large flexible space structures

D Uffen and H Scholaert

AASTRA Aerospace Inc., Canada

16.30 Mechanical validation of smart structures

A J Bronowicki, R S Betros, T W Nye, L J McIntyre, L R Miller and G R


TRW Space and Defense, USA

16.50 In-situ acoustical and optical waveguide sensors

C V O’Keefe, B B Djordjevic and B N Ranganathan

Martin Marietta Laboratories, USA

Material processing diagnostic by optical interferometry

P Vavassori and M Martinelli

CISE Tecnologie Innovative, Italy

Use of electro-rheological fluids for adaptive vibration isolation

R J Randall and W F Tsang

Royal Naval Engineering College, UK

Transient response of an anisotropic solid

Y Wang and R K N D Rajapakse

University of Manitoba, Canada

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