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25 May 1994 High-power electrostatic-accelerator FELs for power beaming
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Electrostatic-accelerator free-electron lasers (EAFELs) are used to generate intense, CW, single-mode, laser radiation for space power beaming applications such as envisioned by the project SELENE. Using present electrostatic accelerator technology (<EQ MV), together with the electron gun and electron collector technology developed for the UC Santa Barbara FEL we discuss several laser configurations. The first one entails using a single 25 MV, 2 A, DC electron beam system to produce 100 kW power at 1.54 micrometers . At the same wavelength and with the same accelerator the power can be increased up to 3.1 MW using a 20 A electron gun. Still, with the same type of accelerator but with higher currents, 0.84 micrometers can be generated. A third configuration discussed in this paper requires two high voltage accelerators to reach electron energies of up to 50 MV. The major advantage of using EAFELs is that true CW, single-mode operation can be achieved with a minimum expected wall power efficiency of 25%. We also discuss ways to produce 10 MW average power, that would require additional technology developments.
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Isidoro Kimel and Luis R. Elias "High-power electrostatic-accelerator FELs for power beaming", Proc. SPIE 2118, Gas, Metal Vapor, and Free-Electron Lasers and Applications, (25 May 1994);


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